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The device is fully updatable, but doing so requires the application interface.Since this program is meant to be executed on a Windows based computer, Mac users are forced to use a virtual system program to run Windows on their Mac OS based computers so that they may update their Action Replay cartridges.Fixing an Undetected Action Replay Fixing Code Input with a Soft Reset Fixing a White/Black Screen Error Community Q&A Action Replay is a specific brand of video-game cheating device for Nintendo DS and other systems.

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Datel has learned that the DSi Action Replay (none 3DS compatible) platform is affected by the January, 2013 software update 1.4.5.Windows should automatically install the necessary drivers and whilst running the update software will acknowledge the connection of the Action Replay.Select ‘Start’ from the update software screen in order to begin the update.In some cases, there is nothing you can do to repair your Replay, but there are some tricks you can use that might get it up and running again!Action Replay is a game modifier for the Nintendo DS system that allows users to use a number of codes, cheats and other modifiers with their DS game cartridges.Once the update is complete disconnect the Action Replay from your PC and reinsert it in to your console.Please note: Do not remove Action Replay during the update process which may take several minutes to complete.Follow the onscreen instructions or the instructions that came with the product to install the program.During the installation process, you will be prompted to insert a copy of a Windows OS installation disc into the computer's disc drive.The v1.71 firmware update which, is downloadable from within this article is designed for use with all different releases of the Action Replay DS excluding the Media Edition.The v1.71 firmware update includes support for a number of games including Pokemon Black, Pokemon White and Professor Layton and the Lost Future.