Updating ipod do not disconnect

How to Fix the i Pod There are multiple ways to fix the corrupted i Pod, though it’s not 100% guaranteed it will work coz chances of HDD corruption do exist.– Restore method Try putting it in disk mode by holding the Menu Center buttons until the Apple logo appears, then when it Logo appears, switch to holding Center Play/Pause buttons until it says . Just go back to i Tunes and see that you’ve been ejected. *As a side note, if you have “Enable Disk Use” checked on your i Pod screen in i Tunes, you will never get the “OK To Disconnect” message. by Email Subscribe in a reader You can email me at [email protected] haven't personally tried this but I definitely am going to. A message saying something to the effect that your i Pod can’t disconnect because files on your i Pod are currently being used. You keep clicking “Eject” over and over again, of course. Open up “My Computer” (for Vista users, that’s “Computer”) and look for your i Pod in the list of drives and removable storage. Luckily, the i Pod Classic has a sturdy casing and scratch-resistant screen, which should keep general wear and tear to a minimum.

To get out of disk mode, reset your i Pod by holding Menu Center buttons until the Apple logo appears again. under “storage”, click on “disk management” right-click on the i Pod it shows. – Driver Re-install -Plug your ipod into your computer, My Computer Device Manager and click on Universal Serial Bus Controller.

Some i OS updates may not be available as over-the-air updates.

VPN or proxy connections may prevent your device from contacting the i OS update servers.

I'm going to go into great detail in the hope that it helps someone to point me in the right direction, and also in the hope that a potential solution might help someone else in the future - so please forgive me if some of the info here might not turn out to be relevant to the problem!

TL; DR: When disconnecting the i Pod from my Mac (after ejecting from i Tunes) of what I've done to try and fix this.