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Please note that I have not tried reinstalling homebrew onto a system from which it was deleted, so I can make no guarantees as to the result.

If you manage to get homebrew back, make sure to turn off update checks and disable Wii Connect24 in Wii Settings so this doesn't happen again.

Working with Nintendo has been great education for us as browser makers, and has helped us to make a product that matches Wii's ability to reach across generations and bring enjoyment to all." Parents who want to control access to the Internet Channel should refer to the Parental Controls options available in the Wii System Settings.

To access these settings, return to the Wii Menu and select the Wii icon.

Opera Software also implemented the Nintendo DS Browser for Nintendo's handheld system.

Internet Channel uses an internet connection (set in the Wii Settings) to retrieve pages directly from a web site's HTTP or HTTPS server, not through a network of proxy servers as in Opera Mini products.

Update: Also new to the Internet Channel is Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.Video Screenshots Features "The Opera-powered Internet Channel for Wii is about making the Web easy to use for anyone, at any age," says Scott Hedrick, executive vice president of Devices for Opera Software."We received a lot of user feedback after the Christmas release of the original version, and based on that feedback we have created a browser that is clean, intuitive and made for viewing on the TV.While in the beta stages of the development, this version of the Opera web browser implements some of the most widely reported features of the prospective final version.For example, it is possible to zoom in on web pages (by one increment) with the " " button on the Wii Remote and pan around by holding the "B" button, and both Flash and AJAX functions are present.Updates 4.2 and 4.3 were both specifically designed to kill homebrew.If you have lost homebrew but can still use your Wii, be happy about that, because sometimes the updates have made Wiis unusable. The latest upgrade as I write this is 4.3, but if you were updated by an older game you might wind up with 4.2 or even something older.In addition, an alternative single-column rendering mode with large-print text can be toggled by pressing the "2" button on the Wii Remote, similar to the Small Screen Rendering mode seen on Opera's Nintendo DS Browser.Similar to other web browsers, the trial version has a "Favorites" system to allow users to bookmark sites.Internet Channel is capable of rendering most web sites in the same manner as its desktop counterpart by using Opera's Medium Screen Rendering technology.A trial version of the Internet Channel was released in December 2006, and a full version followed in April 2007.