Validating forms in dreamweaver

CSS Form Builder makes creating CSS web forms a breeze in Dreamweaver.Choose from a wide variety of included form types and elements or build your own.This tutorial takes you one step ahead and shows you how to build great interactive forms in Dreamweaver.Before we begin, I would like to get you up to speed with the general working of a form.The back-end script receives the form submission and does the heavy stuff like emailing the form submissions or saving to a database.

Label your fields; define their size; add Spry and PHP server validation.Form to Database and Mail is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows you to automatically save all the fields in a form as a table in a My SQL database.At the same time, it includes a copy of the same data in an email message.Pick a form preset - such as appointment request or contact form - as a starting point.You can bind default values to the form (handy when you store values, like with user accounts), choose your form submit method (POST or GET) and if you want the page to submit to a new page or submit to itself.But every now and then I would open up the web form and contact form script and try to find ways to improve the web form and find out how best to deliver a PHP contact form in a concise Dreamweaver tutorial that even a beginner would be able to follow. hat I ended up producing was a two part Dreamweaver CS5 video tutorial which not only explains tentatively how to build a contemporary and professional email contact form, but also shows how to process the php contact form and take the message from form to email.But that wasn’t all that was focused upon in this Dreamweaver CS5 contact form tutorial. I wanted to give a total beginner the ability to connect an advanced form validation system to their email contact form. The first part of the Dreamweaver CS5 email contact form tutorial would concentrate on the design and structure of the contact form.Help users fill out your website forms by using this autocomplete extension.As they type in a form field, the extension generates the possible matches from the field dataset and allows for fast form completion.The Contact Form will output to a 'thank you' message and then timed redirect to a page of your choice!Link to Part 2 originally started work on this Contact Form and Form Validation tutorial in Dreamweaver CS5 way back in October of last year but alas, I had to abandon the project due to existing work commitments and because I took on way too much freelance work.