Validating username and password from database using servlet

Anyways, for now let's run the project on the tomcat server and test the application.

This is not the ideal login application as it needs lot of modification such as security etc.

Regards Sach The first problem I see is that you've set your Form panel to standard Submit: true, yet you're trying to handle an Ajax-style result. I tried changing the content type to ("application/json"), but did not work. This is the code from my Validation servlet(works fine standalone)callbacks are working But,here in the callback I want it to redirect it to the grid.html(A page where I display a grid).

The better approach is extending Generic Servlet (like Window Adapter to close the frame) which contains only one abstract method service().

// Function that enables LOGON for a registered User into site public string Log On(User Information obj Log On User Information) { Connection Manager con Cm = new Connection Manager(); try { Sql Connection con = con Cm.

Open Connection(); Sql Command cmd,cmd One; Sql Data Reader dr; string _str = "U"; cmd = new Sql Command("select User ID from Credentials", con); dr = cmd. Read()) 1 for the ' Why don't you use the provided login mechanisms?

It is enough to the programmer to override only this method. Generic Servlet was used by the programmers when HTTP protocol was not standardized for the Web.

When the HTTP became a defacto standard for Web, Http Servlet was designed to suit more for HTTP protocol.

Validating username and password from database using servlet