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"Try something new and creative, such as making your own sushi rolls. "It can be one of those psychologically based get-to-know you games, or it can be a Ouija board," says Masini.Allow each other to put in things you might not normally think goes into sushi. "Have a good wine or bottle of bubbly ready, and put out a great antipasto platter or some great Italian subs cut into smaller pieces for a fun night at home."6. Traveling together rekindles attraction and desire, but you can stoke those flames without leaving your house.

Having launched in 2015 on PC to critical acclaim - and a BAFTA award in 2016 to add to its many accolades - Prison Architect puts you in prime control of a maximum security facility, with your tasks including literally constructing the concrete walls that separate your wildly unstable inmates from the outside world, as well as managing the variably violent criminals that are incarcerated in the lock-up.

For some, there's nothing more gratifying than posting something on social media that truly takes off.

As vain as it almost certainly is, there is a certain joy in seeing something posted on twitter receiving some significant traction and lots of likes or retweets.

Thankfully, there is now some justification for this narcissism, as Tweechi - from developers Fuzzy Face Studios - has just soft launched in New Zealand, and the game implements Twitter integration so for every retweet received in real life, you can receive coins to spend within this eccentric looking virtual pet simulator... We’ve all played with one at some point, whether it was a Tamogachi or a Clumsy Ninja [Free], and they all offer pretty much the same experience.

They’re usually cute and also usually a bit shallow.