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"To me, Tiara Thomas is one of the most talented people I've ever met in my life," Rico told MTV News exclusively.

"To watch her in the studio, to watch her write a song, to watch her on the stage, to listen to her tone of voice, to listen how she transitions -- like a person who raps and sings equally good, that's very rare." Though he acknowledges all of Tiara's talents, Love -- who has penned and produced hits for Usher, Beyoncé and French Montana -- says that the two have different visions for the future.

Throughout the night, Wale also played potential thumpers from his upcoming SHINE album (Still Here, Ignoring Negative Energy), set to come out later this summer. Another is called “Scarface, Rozay & Gotti,” which pays homage to the vibes the aforementioned rappers create. Every Blue Moon originally was going to be the first imprint under Roc Nation. I found [singer] Sam Dew and thought he’d be as big as The Weeknd, but he had some personal issues that wouldn’t allow that to happen. I just had to let people know that I went through it like they went through it.

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It being the day after the BET Awards meant that many artists were still in town, hours away from hopping on flights back to New York City, Miami, Atlanta, or wherever home is. It’s like the instruction manual for every girl who lands some money. But then I left Roc Nation after some things changed there.

Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi popped in for a quick visit and played songs off his cracked i Phone. It’s me talking to a girl that’s like a little sister and she’s about to shine on everybody. Later a friend of mine was talking to me and said that I’m different because I “have the street, suburban folks, but you’re very cultured and articulate. Only because I feel like I have to involve other people.

“This next joint is for all the niggas that said we can’t rap,” Jxmmi said. We ain’t got nothing to prove on the numbers front.” Lil Wayne was across the hall, hunched over the production console quietly searching for ways to attack the track looping through the speakers; he eventually released his focus and chatted with Wale for a moment. That only happens every blue moon.” So I decided to call it that. I’ve got two major-label offers now for my imprint. I think that the farther I go into this boss life, the more I lose myself. The last time we talked on record, you were about to drop The Album About Nothing and you revealed that were self-medicating and depressed about issues ranging from family turmoil to perceived professional plateauing.

Weezy’s also likely to appear on SHINE, as the pair have already recorded the track and brainstormed video concepts. I wanted it to be everything between [Kanye West’s] DONDA and Roc-a-Fella.