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Find out more I'm starting this group for people who are depressed.. I have lived in the Eastbourne area for the last 5 years and find it difficult to meet new people and make friends. My Husband send me lovely messages and tells me he loves me BUT at the same time he is secretly disappearing off out to strange post codes, visiting Gay Sites and texting Sex Lines.. He works Nights, he's Not sleeping Properly in the day , he drinks far to much....

The group is aimed at meeting like-minded people for friendship.

I am more prone to starting earlier rather then afternoon but i'm flexible.

We can arrange all the details when we have enough people :) I'm here to talk with anyone who is up for it, via email text or phone call, I am a great listener and very easy going, perhaps we can all help each other by simply reaching out and making good friendships.

I would like to make friends who understand social anxiety and depression. I would like to meet people near North and East London as well as maybe Essex and Hertfordshire.

I am a very supportive and kind person and would like to make friends who could support and be there for me too. We could chat online and meet in real life when we feel comfortable. I'm from coulsdon which is greater london (Not far off Croydon which may be more of a known area? I spend a lot of my free time going up to London and exploring all it has to offer.

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I like to walk around new areas, go to the parks, museums, see the sights, attractions etc.

If anyone would be interested in meeting up wether one on one or as a small group to do some day activitivies then please let me know!