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My lovely webdesigner Rachel also added a One Dark Throne page to the site here, complete with pre-order links if you are so inclined (and for those of you who have asked, there have been rumblings about a pre-order campaign but I’m not sure yet. February 25th will mark her golden birthday, and on such a big occasion, I had to send her something special. She’s an old lady horse now, but to me she will always be a baby.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you do, because it sounds like they have some excellent plans: announcements and quizzes and special content. On a personal note, I’d like to wish my horse Lassie a very happy birthday. And on a strange personal note, my parents found my old adoption paperwork and discovered my original name.

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On March 5, 2000, the FBI raided Moran's house and seized his computers.This privacy policy applies to information collected online from users of this website.In this policy, you can learn what kind of information we collect, when and how we might use that information, how we protect the information, and the choices you have with respect to your personal information.I was waiting to blog this month because there are some cool things in the mix for the Three Dark Crowns series that are yet to be announced. If I don’t blog now I’ll miss February, plus I need something to do for like twenty minutes before I can feed my pack their lunch and fix myself my daily cup of coffee, so here I am. ONE DARK THRONE got a nifty cover reveal over on the official series Facebook page. taking place which led him to believe members of an IRC channel had information about the source of the attacks, and he contacted the FBI to give them transcripts of the IRC chat.Over the following week a series of equally crippling denial-of-service attacks affected many other major internet sites including e Bay, Amazon.com, E*TRADE, and On February 7, 2000, a smurf attack generating over 1 gigabit per second of ICMP traffic was launched against Yahoo! Koum stated that the attackers were "above your average script kiddie" and "knew about our topology and planned this large scale attack in advance.", which was then a public server on the EFnet IRC network.'s routers, causing their websites to be inaccessible to the world for hours. He discovered discussions about the attack on Yahoo!Why Go venues – Why Go’s global operation teams will manage all customer interaction, all communication and all the billing.You will earn commissions for all of these bookings.