Wow addon list not updating updating streets and trips

It also does not hurt to have things backed up in multiple places.

If you need assistance on backing up your addons and settings, please use the following guides: Please make sure to use one, or all of the guides provided to backup your addons and settings before starting. Now you will have the options for your Sync Profile.

The first thing you need to do to be able to use jcurse is to set the World of Warcraft installation path:where "ADDON_SHORT_NAME" is the addon short name which comes after "/wow/" in the addon URL.

For instance, if the addon URL is for the command above you'd have to use "deadly-boss-mods" (without the quotes).

- There is an option to turn them off under the spell tab.

I should also mention that Wow Matrix is a tool similar to Curse Client (for Wo W only) and it works on Linux, but it uses its own database, which lacks many addons (in my test, only one of the 5 addons I use was available via Wow Matrix), that's why I searched for Curse-compatible alternatives.

Installing addons is very easy: the first time you start lcurse, click "Update Catalog" - this gets a list of all the available addons from

Backup your addons and settings prior to doing any of this.

If something is messed up; you then will have your backup to fall back on.