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This isn’t one of those pieces about how millennials prefer the hookup culture of casual sex and text-based relationships over the more traditional dating styles of our parents—we’ve all been beaten to death with those. Whether or not you choose to participate is your choice, no judgment.Rather, my beef is with the total sense of carelessness and indifference that has come to govern a good number of college relationships. This is what I find my friends and I continually repeating to one another.I’m not trying to sound cynical or bitter, but in my experience (and that of many of my friends), I find more often than not that I force myself to drop all expectations of decency when it comes to dating and instead adopt a laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing. We purposely avoid eye contact in Lower because that one time you made out didn’t really mean anything.If you show any sort of emotion or express anything other than total indifference toward someone you like and/or have hooked up with, you lose. The other day, one of my roommates cam home completely over the moon because a guy she likes walked her home from the bus stop and kissed her goodnight.Here's the quick list: Khloewas married to NBA player Lamar Odom, Kim was married to NBA player Kris Humphries, Khloedated former NBA player Rashad Mc Cants, Kim dated NFL player Miles Austin, Khloe dated NFL player Derrick Ward, Khloe dated NBA player James Harden, Khloe dated MLB player Matt Kemp,and Khloe was linked to NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. Khloe and Kim are currently on a music kick (Khloe is dating rapper Trey Songz and Kim is famously married to Kanye West), but it shouldn't be long before both return to their athlete roots.They should take a cue from their baby sister - Kendall Jenner. Some boomers quit dating and what’s conspicuous is they’re mostly women.Make Love Not War How did boomer dating become so contentious?

It’s gotten to the point where guys don’t even have to say, “I love you” to get a girl into bed anymore.

I advocate for men to take a lesson from women and reap the life-changing benefits associated with emotional interactions in authentic friendships.[Read — Maria Shriver’s latest ]It’s About Friendships Women have the edge in this undeclared war, by having the dating smarts to avoid men who lack basic relationship skills.

Their edge is attributable to their long-term friendships with other women, through which they developed a skillset enabling them to resolve problems and keep relationships intact.

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I had a problem with the heroine because at least the hero knew where his issues came from, his father's abandonment and mother's disregard and he acknowledged them.