Xmobar not updating

BUT Any terminal i create goes fullscreen, again, thats normal for i3.

Trayer also is nice on Oneiric, because it sizes the new battery icon sensibly, whereas stalonetray doesn’t. Using named pipes this change is instant and you also void redundant calls. All my startup logic is inside a script which is called from In order to display the volume information we will create a small script which can be used to increase/decrease/mute/show the volume levels. Also already used aptitude to install xmonad, so that might have pulled in some dependencies necessary for the following steps. So to build xmobar I had to build and install a bunch of dependencies.This however requires xmobar to frequently call an external command/script.Also if you happen to use a large frequency you might notice some “lag” from the time you change the volume levels to the time this change is reflected in xmobar.Building parsec, stm, network, http, and zlib should now work with the command for each. After being impressed with a friends Xmonad setup, I decided to give it a go for myself.I find xmonad really useful on systems with small screens and on laptops to avoid using the touchpad. this is my first post, but definetly not my first experience with linux.You can grab the patch here but I haven’t put in enough effort to actually make this a configurable option; if you just compile that branch, you’ll get an xmobar that is at 100/255 transparency, tinted black.(The algorithm needs a bit of work to generalize over different tints properly; suggestions solicted!