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The Youth Leader Council (or YLC for short) is a group of middle and high school students of all abilities who have been identified as stellar student leaders. The 2016-2017 YLC will kick off at a weekend-long orientation at Camp Hemlocks in Hebron, CT.

They must have been student leaders at some point during their UT days, not necessarily within the past year. All travel, accommodations, and food costs for the weekend will be paid by Unified Theater.

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Connor has been the inclusion specialist, and will be directing his school's Unified Theater show this upcoming year. This is a high demand program that has a long waiting list every year. While at MYLA your child will receive homework help, a healthy snack, and will participate in leadership building activities. Examples of ways to earn credits are: attend Family Nights and other activities at Metanoia, PTO meetings at Chicora Elementary, spend an hour in your child’s class at school, attend community council meetings, etc. If you are unable to offer your time, you will be charged per credit, or a month. Metanoia sponsors the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School, during the summer months.My wife and I, newly married, already had good relationships with the students and their parents and, with my college ministry experience, I seemed to be the perfect fit for the position. Within a few years the group that once struggled to fill a minivan was taking over 40 students to camp every summer. The students were participating in local, regional, and international missions, and were inviting their friends to our activities.The gospel was being taught, and students were accepting Christ, getting baptized, and serving.What was it that happened after the wedding day that made sex suddenly okay? But because my sexuality was connected to my body and my soul, sinning sexually had consequences that no other sin could. We’re asking, “How far is too far,” instead of, “Why are we committed to waiting in the first place?” Learn from me and teach that to your youth group kids.YLC members will arrive in the afternoon on Friday, June 17th and will depart in the morning on Sunday, June 19th.During this orientation, YLC members will set goals for their time in the YLC, learn about and discuss issues within the inclusion and disability communities, and learn more about Unified Theater behind the scenes and at other schools.—————————— It used to drive me crazy that people would talk about sex like it was the worst sin in the universe. You could mess around with a dozen guys, do everything except sex, and you were still allowed to call yourself a virgin. One day I heard a pastor ranting and raving about a woman living in sin with her boyfriend and I was so angry at him. But when I got home I looked up the pastor’s message on You Tube and listened to it again. Deciding to wait for marriage for sex wasn’t easy, especially after I had already messed up. I read I, “Kissed Dating Goodbye,” and, “When God Writes Your Love Story.” I even went on a youth group retreat where I was encouraged to write letters to my future husband. But as I got older and started dating I discovered that there were all kinds of tricky loopholes to the whole virginity thing. It seemed like the whole world was out to get me for decisions it had told me were okay.