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The saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” came from someone who knew only too well how important time apart was. Ensure you keep many eggs in many baskets As you have invested so much time and effort on this new relationship in your life allowing it to consuming you physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially you is a red flag for disaster.

Missing your partner is a healthy and loving sign that you are still very much in love with them. Keep up or bring new interests into your life, because by finding new things that make you happy – like enrolling in a language, or cooking course, starting to learn salsa or tango, meeting with your old friends, etc.

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You might see it as a step towards separation at first – but the new experiences that each of you will have is going to make you interesting again because there will be something you about you that your partner will learn about you. Plan a Project together Most people in a relationship need to have a common goal to reach together.

Most couples plan to get married, have a baby, buy a house, take a long holiday.

Oh, how I love Philemons and want to consistently be one! I walk away feeling encouraged, joyful, and spiritually stimulated.

So how do you manage to keep the relationship alive instead of dying in frozen chills of winter? Give yourselves a chance to miss each other In every relationship – at the beginning there is a period of getting closer and closer to each other, getting to know each other, wanting to be only the two of you, happy and together.

But as reality sets in and you start to notice flaws in the other is the perfect time to spend some time apart.

Yes, take that weekend trip with your friends, have a week of NO texting/emailing/seeing/speaking to each other, take the time to fill out that job application for a promotion or start that exercise regime.

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